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New Novotny Log Forwarder LVS 5000 / LVS 5



LVS 5000

The Log Forwarder is used in forestry industry to optimize and facilitate the movement of cut logs from the forest to the roadside for further transport to specialized mills for processing. New 5 t Forwarder does that even more effectively. 7 ft wide with tires 500/45 - 20, 180 deg rotating cabin, 24 V electricity, driving 8x8 mechanical differentials and more powerful engine are the main features distinguishing the original and a new model. Click left picture for close up.





Tries Distribution has begun to distribute this small Novotny Log Forwarder LVS 5 in U.S. and Canada since 2006. This unit is powered by 71 HP Yanmar engine, it has a 5 ton load capacity and trailer designed for various log lengths / dimension up to 15' or 5 meters / 50 cm or 20". Total gross weight of the machine is less than 22,000 pound /10 tons with high ground clearance of 19'/46 cm, and therefore it has been classified as an ecologically friendly product. It features high quality welded elements which make this unit extremely strong and resistant. 6' width increases the maneuverability and ecologic forest protection. The power train features a hydrostatic Sauer - Danfoss transmission with low and high range, four hydraulic motors and four bogie gearboxes. 8 x 8 with the Anti Skid System /ASC/ slip-resistant system gives excellent agility not even seen with bigger competitive machines. Click left picture for close up.




This unit represents tractor and trailer. A harvester and wood chipper will be offered soon. Attachment to tractor will be easy like this trailer.